Aduro Smart Response

Intelligent Thermometer for Stoves

The successful Danish producer of stoves Aduro wanted an intelligent solution informing the user about correct firing with wood stoves. They chose Develco as their technology development partner.

Develco has developed the intelligent thermometer Aduro Smart Response which can be mounted at the smoke pipe on all Aduro stoves. To ensure the functionality during high temperatures a thermocouple with a dedicated integrated circuit is part of the intelligent thermometer. In addition, the thermometer is equipped with an activation button and a temperature sensor and transmits data via wireless communication with Bluetooth Low Energy to the App Aduro Smart Response. The communication protocol Bluetooth Low Energy was chosen, as it meets the requirements for a long battery lifetime.

Intelligent Termometer Aduro Smart Reponse
Aduro Smart Response

Smart Energy Solution for Combustion of Wood

Aduro Smart Response monitors the smoke temperature and the change of the temperature of the stove automatically to ensure an environmentally friendly combustion resulting in a better firing economy, optimum utilization of the stove and reduced particle emission.

The App “Aduro Smart Response” available for smartphones and tablets guides the consumer to an improved and correct burning/feeding cycle of the stove. The App tells the user when it is the right time to put more firewood on the stove and the present temperature of the stove including whether the stove burns at a too low or a too high temperature.

Aduro Smart Response is a smart energy solution helping to reduce the harmful particle pollution from stoves and contributes to the increased focus on environment.


  • Bluetooth Low Energy BLE
  • Thermometer with a long battery lifetime
  • Use of high temperature thermocouple (up to 500°C)