Ruxbury Tracker

IoT Solution for Optimizing the Training of Competition Horses

For Ruxbury Develco has developed the Ruxbury Tracker for measuring the horse’s heart rate and movement. The Ruxbury Tracker collects and transmits data about the horse’s heart rate to the Ruxbury Training App on smartphones. The horse’s owner, the rider, and the trainer can monitor the horse’s well-being during training for dressage, racing, and jumping and to optimize the horse’s training.

Develco has developed the Ruxbury Tracker in co-operation with Ruxbury and 3Part, which has designed the rubber sleeve and the exclusive sales packaging with user manual, and Part Design, which has carried out the final development of the mechanical parts. Develco has been a development partner through the entire process from idea, analysis, concept, development, 0-series, and to production of the finished horse heart rate monitor.

Develco has developed electronics, embedded software, mechanics, and test Apps. Ruxbury has itself taken care of the development of the final Ruxbury Training App for the user. After the completion of the development of the Ruxbury Tracker Develco has been responsible for New Product Introduction NPI, production, and the necessary approvals for the horse heart rate monitor.

The heart rate sensor in the Ruxbury Tracker is specially developed, as it is difficult to measure a horse’s heart rate because of the horse’s fur compared to measuring the heart rate in human beings. In addition, the antenna design has been specially developed to achieve as long a range as possible. Finally, the mechanics of the Ruxbury Tracker are specially designed with an optimum adaptation to the horse’s ergonomics and harness. The Ruxbury Tracker is easy to fit for riders with riding gloves and to use with the Ruxbury Training App with sensor data about the horse’s well-being.

Ruxbury Tracker
Ruxbury Tracker - Rider with Ruxbury Training App


  • Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 5.2 with a long range of up to 120 meters
  • Specially developed pulse sensor
  • Specially developed antenna design
  • Battery lifetime up to +120 hours
  • Water and dust resistant

Ruxbury Tracker Fitted on Horse


At my first meeting with Develco during the trade fair High Tech Summit, I got the impression of Develco as a very competent Technology Development Partner. The development of the Ruxbury Tracker has been a journey in unknown land for me. But Develco has solved the development task in a very professional and structured way throughout the entire development process. All challenges have been solved in a constructive sparring with external business partners and Develco’s internal development team. When the Ruxbury Tracker needs to be updated at a time, I will of course choose to co-operate with Develco again. The development process has only confirmed my first impression of Develco“, says Tomasz Goldman, CCO at Ruxbury.