iV2GO – Mobility in a New and Smarter Way

iV2GO – Smart IoT Solution for Intravenous IV Treatment with Sensors and Connection to the Cloud

OSAA Innovation’s owner and director has himself been a patient and felt tied to a drip stand. During his hospitalization the owner saw a girl playing in a playground. The girl’s mother accompanied her around with a drip bag in the hand so that the girl could continue her IV treatment during the play. This experience gave the owner the idea for the company’s first mobile mechanical pump iV-GO. With iV-GO the patients can receive IV treatment in hospitals, outdoors, in their own homes – yes, anywhere on the GO. At the same time, the patient has a feeling of independence and freedom during IV treatment.

For iV-GO OSAA Innovation has won the two awards Red Dot Design Award 2022 and Danish Design Award 2021. OSAA Innovation has wanted to further develop iV-GO and therefore contacted Develco and 3PART. The result is a smart mobile pump iV2GO with display and sensors developed in a close co-operation between 3PART, OSAA Innovation, Develco, and Nordicode. 3PART has developed the industrial design and the visual expression on the display and on the web interface for iV2GO. Nordicode has developed the back end with a connection to the Cloud server.

Develco has participated in the development process of iV2GO from the first prototype to the finished product with several iterations throughout the process. Develco has developed electronics including display, embedded software, sensor interface, and wireless communication for iV2GO’s Cloud server. Sensors monitor the IV treatment and transmit data to the display on iV2GO and to the dashboard which can be accessed by healthcare personnel. The data collected by the various sensors gives a very good picture of the status of the treatment. Among other things the sensors collect data on how far the patient has progressed in the treatment and detect any unwanted interruptions or sudden movements which might affect the treatment. The specially developed drop sensor helps to detect the flow of the treatment, which is extremely important for many patient types.

The sensors transmit the collected data to the display on iV2GO and via the wireless communication protocol NB-IoT/LTM-m to the Cloud. iV2GO’s display shows the most important information such as:

  • The device number
  • The flow rate of the treatment
  • The remaining time and the status of the treatment

Alarms and notifications are also visible on the display.

IoT sensor data from iV2GO is displayed on a dashboard in the hospital and gives the nurse the possibility to monitor the patient’s IV treatment no matter where the patient is located. With iV2GO the patient and the nurse have increased security during IV treatment. With iV2GO hospitals increase their bed capacity, as the mobile IV treatment requires fewer hospital beds.

OSAA Innovation iV2GO smart mobil IoT løsning
OSAA Innovation iV2GO


  • Array of Sensors for Monitoring and Detection
  • Custom Made Drop Sensor
  • Embedded Software for Treatment Monitoring
  • Battery-powered for 72 Hours of Usage
  • NB-IoT/LTE-m Support for Data Transmission to the Cloud
  • Intuitive Dashboard


We feel secure in the co-operation with Develco about the development of iV2GO. Develco was recommended by our ecosystem and carefully selected by us. In 3 weeks Develco developed the first prototype of iV2GO. The same competent development team at Develco has continued the development process and has an extensive product knowledge of iV2GO. It is valuable to us and in the collaboration with other partners from our ecosystem. Develco has developed a super good product solution with iV2GO. Security and confidence mean a lot in our business relations“, says Ahmed Hessam, CEO at OSAA Innovation.