Nanolink Unit – Tracking of Tools and Equipment

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacon with Optimized Antenna Design for a Longer Range

Nanolink had developed software, App, and gateways for their Nanolink Unit being a BLE beacon tracking material of high value such as tools and equipment. Once the Nanolink Unit is installed on materials they are automatically registered. Via wireless BLE the Nanolink Unit transmits Beacon signals to strategically placed Nanolink gateways. The collected data by the gateways are transmitted on to the Cloud for data presentation on PCs and via the Nanolink App on smartphones and tablets. The NanoLink Server informs the company about the precise geolocation of materials, the last gateway in possession of tools, lost equipment etc. In this way the Nanolink Unit and the Nanolink App can help companies being more efficient and prevent theft of tools and equipment.

The range of the antenna design in the Nanolink Unit did not function optimally. Consequently, Nanolink contacted Develco owing to our wide expertise within radio communication and antenna design. We adapted the antenna via our own network analyzer and constructed a new antenna design with a longer range and the right frequency bandwidth suitable for the BLE beacon Nanolink Unit. In addition to the development of the optimized antenna design Develco has made the new antenna in the Nanolink Unit ready for production at Nanolink’s Electronic Manufacturing Services EMS.

Nanolink Unit for Tracking of Tools


  • Bluetooth Low Energy BLE beacon
  • Geolocation
  • Theft protection
Nanolink Unit


Since our first business meeting with Develco during an exhibition our impression of Develco as a professional development company with strong technology competences has proved to be true. Nanolink and Develco speak the same language technician to technician, and besides Develco is located close to Nanolink. Consequently, the choice of Develco as technology development partner was obvious to us”, says CEO Torben Samsøe-Schmidt at Nanolink.

Our co-operation with Develco has been of great value. Develco has given us peace of mind by having a second opinion of our development project with a new antenna design for the Nanolink Unit. Develco are true experts within technology development and we can launch a new Nanolink Unit with a long product lifetime”, continues Torben Samsøe-Schmidt.