Wireless Meter Grid – Frederiksberg Smart City

The Municipality of Frederiksberg has become a Smart City collecting household consumption data sent to a cloud solution for analysis of big data and optimization of energy consumption.

Frederiksberg Forsyning delivers water, heating and electricity to the Municipality of Frederiksberg and has more than 1000 gateways suspended in the street lightning and connected wirelessly to heat and water meters in the individual households. The gateways are PoE connected to a network of Access points to cover collection points for consumption data. This provides Frederiksberg Forsyning access to real-time data allowing for better and more precise regulation of district heating and water supply and savings in operating expenses. The Smart City solution in Frederiksberg Municipality has a positive impact on the environment and contributes to sustainability.

Develco has developed both advanced application-level software implemented in a multi wireless platform enabled gateway and an outdoor use enclosure for the electronics. The application-level software enables the gateway to relay meter data from domestic meters to a cloud service. The software supports configuration of the gateway by the cloud service through a proprietary communication protocol designed and specified by Develco using the MQTT transport layer. For maintenance and update Develco has developed an autonomous and secure software update mechanism for the gateway, thereby making it possible to extend and correct the functionality of the gateway after initial deployment. Finally, Develco has managed production setup and is responsible for production and logistics.

Frederiksberg Smart City


• Wireless M-Bus
• MQTT protocol handling
• PoE (Power over Ethernet)
• Linux platform


“Develco has been a highly qualified sparring partner in connection with the choice of wireless technology, which is a difficult context-dependent decision. So, we have had Develco to develop a solution that matches our needs“, says Project Manager, Digitization Peter Daugbjerg Sørensen at Frederiksberg Forsyning.